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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

MAy 7th 2020

In honor of May and Mental Awareness Month, Desyree was interviewed by WFBR, Baltimore Local radio for the community.  

Why is mental health so stigmatized in the black community? (3:25)

How do we recognize when we need to seek help? (8:35)

Why is it important to recognize our triggers? (11:20)

What are some things to do to be mentally fit? (13:36)

What are some ways to deal with the COVID pandemic? (16:14)

What are low cost resources alternatives to mental health treatment? (18:30)

Is there a difference between black men and women who seek treatment? (21:41)

Is showing vulnerability  a barrier for black men in seeking treatment?  (23:49)

What are the future trends in mental health and our community? (26:33)